FinalForms will allow you to register your student-athlete on-line and complete all required forms electronically saving you time and less paperwork! Once the student-athlete is registered and all forms are completed you can printout the OHSAA PPE Physical form and take it to the doctor to sign at the end of the examination. Once the form has been signed you have the option of either hand delivering the form to the Athletic Office (or MS office for MS sports) OR you can upload the signed form to your student-athlete’s FinalForms record.  Directions for uploading the form can be found below.


  1. All physicals are good for 13 months from the date of the physical.  So if the physical was done on August 1, 2020, it will be good until September 1, 2021.  If you still have a current physical on file at the beginning of the season, all you will need to do it log-in to verify the information and re-sign the forms for the current school year.  Physicals are kept on file in the athletic office from year to year!
  2. Reminders will automatically be sent from FinalForms to the parent/guardian and student e-mails when the physical on file will expire starting 60 days out.
  3. Both the student-athlete and parent are required to sign ALL forms and will need to use to different e-mail addresses to do so.  We recommend that the student use their Perry schools Gmail account.
  4. Student-athletes are NOT considered eligible for participation until ALL forms are signed and on file.
  5. Uploading completed and signed PPE forms to FinalForms:
    • Click the (edit) button in the Students row
    • Locate and click the (documents) button
    • Upload necessary file(s) from their computer using the button
    • Close when necessary file(s) are uploaded

FinalForms Directions