Booster Club Officers

The Perry Athletic Booster Board will see some new faces for the upcoming school year.  For the past four years, the board has been led by Missy Moon, President; Kristy O’Carz, Vice President; Laurie Meisner, Treasurer; and Rachel Lepard, Secretary.    Our current Treasurer and Secretary are stepping down from their post on May 31.  We want to wish Laurie the best on her move to New York and Rachel safe travels on her new adventures upon the graduation of her senior, Alyssa.  Both board members have contributed a great deal to the strength and success experienced over the last four years.  They will be dearly missed!

The unity of the board has awarded many benefits to supporting student athletes over the previous four years through stronger fiscal accountability and increased fundraising efforts.  Some of the results include record setting events for the spring reverse raffles, Pirate discount card sales, and concession monies for the teams.  With budget cuts affecting the athletic department by 20% over the last few school years, the boosters have been able to fill the gap by donating over $25,000 from the general fund directly to the Athletic Department.   This is not possible without engagement and participation from the student athletes, parents, coaches, and our community supporters. Your efforts do make a difference.

Thank you again to Laurie and Rachel!  We welcome Gary and Mark as our newest additions to the Athletic Booster Board Team.  GO PIRATES!

Booster Club Officers (Effective June 1, 2020)
Athletic Director  – TJ Rockwell (440-259-9400, X9499)
President – Missy Moon
Vice President – Gary Cox  (440-728-8158)
Secretary – Kristy O’Carz
Treasurer – Mark D’Astolfo

Partners in Interscholastic Athletic Team Enhancement